A Pattaya Girl and a Crazy Gift

Every now and then you come across a news item, or a piece of hearsay, or a story, or something similar that catches your attention. Pattaya being what it is, the sort of stuff that catches my attention usually falls into the category of ‘utter madness’ due to one thing or another... and there’s usually a Thai lady involved somewhere along the line. True to form, a story caught my attention recently that involves a Western man and a decision he took regarding a gift for his Thai girlfriend.

It’s not clear how long this gentleman has been involved with his Thai lady but, reading between the lines, it seems like he has known this girl for quite a while. He has known her long enough to point out that, at certain times in the past, this lady has lost control of her actions and gone completely off the rails with her blood boiling in rage. He has failed to specify exactly what the nature of these outbursts were, what they involved, or what led to them but he did make it clear that these episodes had given him some cause for concern. Also, I suspect that the girl in question is a Pattaya bar girl.

Now, regarding the gift that he has bought her, you might be guessing at this point that he has bought his lady a diamond ring, or perhaps a house, or some other expensive item. You’re probably thinking that I’m going to berate him for not splitting up with her instead of buying her this gift. You’d be right about that if he had bought her something of this sort, but then I probably wouldn’t be writing this article in the first place as it wouldn’t be at all unusual or worthy of an article. The thing is, what he did buy her did catch my full attention, and the reason for that is because he has gone out and bought her... a gun! Sometimes words fail me.

I’m tempted to start ripping into this man for doing something that strikes me as absolute insanity, but I won’t. As I read more of his story, and the comments that had been provided by other readers, it became clear that opinion was divided as to whether or not he had done the right thing. The case in favour of buying her the gun was that she and her family felt somewhat vulnerable in their home due to it being a bit isolated somewhere in the countryside. There had previously been a gun in the house that had belonged to a previous boyfriend, but he had taken possession of it when the relationship broke up. As far as we know there had never been any incidents involving the previous gun. The case against buying a new gun for her, made by readers that had commented on the story, was largely based on it being a possible scam i.e. that she might sell it afterwards and pocket the money. Very few people seemed to have picked up on the fact that she already has some history of losing control over her emotions and that buying a gun for someone who has a history of blowing her top might lead, at some point in the future, to her blowing his top clean off its shoulders!

I might lean a little more towards the case in favour of buying the gun if the story had mentioned a recent spate of crimes against people in their own homes, or if there had been threats of some sort made against the family. Perhaps if there had been mention of some unknown groups of people loitering around in nearby areas I might feel differently, but there was no mention of any of this. All the information that we have is that a Thai lady with a history of going nuts wanted a gun, and her Western boyfriend duly went out and bought her one.

Of course, it might be that my thoughts on this are a bit of an overreaction, gun ownership is subject to very severe controls in my home-country and I don’t know of anyone that owns one... even the Police don’t carry them. That said, I’m going to have to go out on a limb here and advise you to avoid buying firearms for Thai girls that you know to have a volatile temperament – it just doesn’t appeal to me as a recipe for a successful, stress-free, peaceful existence!

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