Pattaya Soapy Massage Story

By Shane (from Hua Hin)

The delights of a Pattaya soapy massage have particular appeal to me due to the extra discretion that venues away from my adopted home offer me. Since I live in Hua-Hin, I'm essentially on the opposite side of the Gulf of Thailand, but Pattaya is easily reached.

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Pattaya does have a unique sort of feel to it, so an occasional visit is always a pleasure and especially now that my wife and I are separated…

Would I travel to sin-city just for a Pattaya soapy massage? Definitely not. Sure you can find great happy ending massage places in Pattaya but I already have my favourite venue and it is in Bangkok.

Anyway if you ever find yourself longing for a soapy massage in Pattaya, you should have no difficulty finding a place that can give you an out of this world experience.

My best Pattaya soapy massage

I have been to two different soapy massage places in Pattaya. The one was awesome and pretty much what I’ve come to expect. The other place was actually quite a let-down so I'm not surprised that I cannot even remember the name of the place.

Yes, there was the usual bath routine followed by a half-hearted body to body massage, and yes I did manage to get my end away at the end, but there was just no enthusiasm on the girl's part.

There are lots of Pattaya soapy massage options to choose from and the video below will show you where to find the most popular venues. Sabai Dee in north Pattaya, on Second Road, is easy to find and very well regarded. Honey Massage 2 is close by and also highly regarded.

Soi Honey, PattayaSoi Honey in Pattaya, with lots of naughty massage options.

So, which Pattaya soapy massage was/is my favourite? It would definitely be PP Body Massage. I found this place to have a very relaxed sort of atmosphere. None of the staff were at all pushy, and the place was also very tastefully decorated.

The dining area and the bar area were certainly not on a par with places like Annies in Bangkok, but still very nice indeed. I must admit that when I first walked through the doors I was a lot more confident than I was when I first experienced a soapy massage in Thailand, but I still had butterflies in my stomach.

It's a very strange but unique sort of experience, and one which I will probably never become totally familiar with.

Anyway, there I was, sitting just a short distance from the bar, drinking a nice cold beer and snacking on a plate of fried cashew nuts. The Pattaya girls were sat not far from where I was sitting; some wearing red tags and others wearing blue tags. All were dressed in bikinis, although to be honest, quite a few of them should not have been...

When my curiosity got the better of me I asked the barman why some of the girls had red tags and others had blue tags. It turns out that the red tag girls were mostly over the age of 30 and had the upper hand in terms of experience. The blue tag girls, on the other hand, were mostly in their twenties and relatively new to the scene.

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Decision time...

Now, I have learned a bit during my time here, what I have discovered on more than one occasion is the fact that the older women are often a lot better than the younger ones, as far as your personal pleasure is concerned.

There are two very obvious reasons for this: The most obvious reason is the fact that the older women almost always have far more experience, and over the years they have lost all those inhibitions they once had.

The second reason is the fact that time is running out quickly for the older women. Many of them already struggle to pick up customers. Tourists who arrive here and decide to indulge themselves in some adult fun almost always go for the best-looking girls which are typically in their twenties.

Why settle for a regular looking 40-year-old Thai lady when you can get a stunningly beautiful 22-year-old or a beautiful 25-year-old maiden for the exact same amount of money?

Many seasoned expats, however, have learned through experience that younger doesn’t always mean better. As I have already said, I have experienced this myself on a number of occasions, but, I still have not learned my lesson.

At PP Body Massage I once again found myself in this dilemma. Do I choose the best looking young maiden for my Pattaya soapy massage fun, or do I choose an older girl, or perhaps even one of the slightly heavier girls?

Pattaya soapy massageDon't be fooled, the '500 baht for 2 ladies' offer is not fully inclusive!

Needing more time to think about this, I ordered another beer and moved a bit closer to the area where all the girls were sitting. This area is usually called the “fish bowl” because the girls are often on the other side of a giant window. At PP Massage it’s an open area, which in some ways is better I think.

Anyway, after my beer I decided the time was right and I chose an amazing looking girl who must have been about 26 or 27 years old. She had an absolutely gorgeous body and her skin was slightly darker than most of the other girls. I quite like the slightly darker skin, as do many foreigners, but most wealthy Thais much prefer girls with very light skin.

Time to get cleaned up

As is the norm for Pattaya soapy massage parlours, I was instructed to get undressed once Fah (not her real name) and I got inside our room. The room was divided into two sections; there was a clean dry area with a single bed and there was the wet area where the bath was and the soapy massage mattress.

Being a very obedient sort of guy I did as instructed and removed all my clothes apart from my underpants. Of course, Fah quickly removed them as soon as our bath was ready, and then I was told to get in the bath while she stripped.

I can quite honestly say that there were a few seconds where I started wondering if I was just about to discover the meaning of premature ejaculation.

Seriously, this girl was absolutely spectacular.

The minute she started washing me I knew I had struck it lucky. She got most of my body done in no time at all, and then she focused, and I mean focused, on the most important bits. She was ever so gentle, almost to the point where you could call it a tease.

Call it what you want, but it felt totally awesome. She had taken me to a point where she could have taken me over the edge in a matter of seconds if she had wanted to, but she did not, at least not while the big wash was happening.

I can’t really describe what happened next without being too explicit, but I will go as far as saying that Fah had exceptional oral skills. Again, it was done in a very teasing sort of way.

She was totally in control now, and she knew it. Thankfully she was kind enough to let me enjoy her oral abilities for a few minutes before she caused my brain to explode.

Thai massage in PattayaNot all massage shops in Pattaya offer 'extra services', but most do...

On top of me…

After the experience I had in the bath, you might wonder how I could possibly even have any enthusiasm left for the actual massage. If you have never been for a Pattaya soapy massage, allow me to briefly explain what it is, and then hopefully you will understand why I was still very much looking forward to it.

Once you are done in the bath you lay on a soapy mattress and your lady then makes sure that you are both very slippery. Once this has been done she begins to massage you with her hands. This soon evolves into a body to body massage where she is essentially massaging your body with her body.

Breasts typically play a leading role at this stage but, depending on the girl, and depending on your responses and your body language, it might be a different part of her anatomy that does most of the work. I’ll be honest here and say that I prefer the latter, and I make it rather obvious.

Feeling an utterly gorgeous woman sliding her little hamster all over your body is incredibly erotic in my opinion.

Once she was ready to start on my front side I was told to turn over onto my back. So far, this Pattaya soapy massage was no different to the ones I have been to in Bangkok except that the session had a set time limit.

Anyway, there I was on my back, with this drop dead beautiful girl sliding her little fluffy mound all over me. Let’s not forget, though, that I now had a view which I did not have whilst I was on my stomach.

Fah didn't have big breasts, but they were just perfect in my eyes and looking at them as she worked my body was causing me to become increasing excited.

Now, I also need to point out that your little friend down below also gets a special massage. Actually, this must involve quite a lot of skill because she never slipped up once. By that I mean I never entered her once despite the fact that I was well prepped to do so.

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Usually I can enjoy a Pattaya soapy massage for what it is and, if I get overly aroused as I usually do, I can control myself until it is over at which point you get an opportunity to do your thing with the girl on the bed. It is with much embarrassment that I have to say that I never quite made it this time.

Fah was simply way too good…

If a girl senses that you are capable and that you are indeed ready for a second mind shattering moment, she might try to make that happen during the soapy massage because that would obviously mean there is less chance of you actually wanting to have proper sex with her at the end, well unless you have overloaded on Viagra beforehand lol.

I would love it if I could honestly say that I ended up on the bed for a third magical moment but in truth, the second time left me feeling totally drained (excuse the pun). Once she felt that I was on the brink of a second orgasm, she really gave it all she had, and her cowgirl antics only stopped when she was 100% sure I was thoroughly finished.

I am still in relatively good shape, and I am quite fit, but I am not ashamed to say that I was grateful to the girl for helping me to my feet. My legs were trembling, and I mean quite literally trembling.

After Fah was satisfied that I was clean enough, I was allowed to get out of the bath and was then tenderly dried. She did ask if I want to “boom-boom” on the bed, but I just smiled and asked her if she was crazy lol. I handed her a 500 baht tip and gave her a light kiss, and then the two of us headed back out to the main area.

Pattaya soapy massage vs. Bangkok soapy massage

If I compare my average Bangkok soapy massage experiences to this particular Pattaya soapy massage, then I must be honest and say there is/was no real difference other than the fact that sessions at PP Body Massage in Pattaya have a time limit.

Room décor and general ambiance was very much the same as it is in most of the Bangkok venues, as was the variety of girls working there. Would I go again? Absolutely, but I wouldn’t travel such a distance just for this purpose alone.

Bangkok is more accessible for me, and I have really grown to like 'Annies'. So, to round off this story, I’ll finish by saying that a Pattaya soapy massage can be fantastic if you find the right place.

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