(A bit about it's owner)

Hello, my name is Steve. I'm a middle-aged average guy from the U.K. who got sick of the politically correct nanny state that my once proud country has become... and I thought I'd try to escape the daily drudgery of it once and for all.

Thailand, for a long time, had been nothing more than an exotic fantasy land for me. It was a place that I had always wanted to visit, but that I had never seemed able to get to.

As long ago as 1992, I had planned a visit, and had even found a good traveling companion for the trip. Unfortunately for me, redundancy from my job at that time scuppered my plans for a number of years.

By strange coincidence, a more recent redundancy has actually brought me here.

With my loathing of my old job in the U.K. I found myself dreaming of a new life in Thailand on a daily basis. After selling everything I owned in the U.K., and saving up enough money from my job, I took the plunge and accepted an offer of redundancy.

Next stop - the land of smiles for an extended trip.

I didn't make that choice lightly though, and my cash did not last long. My chosen location was Pattaya and as anyone who has been there can tell you, money has a way of getting spent at a rapid pace...

That's where the idea of a website came along, and is the latest and hopefully final site that I'll be building. When it is fully developed, I want to make sure that my website offers its visitors the best, most entertaining, and most useful source of information about Thai girls anywhere on the net.

Whether or not I can grow to the point that it will provide enough income to support a permanent move to Thailand, only time will tell.

After years of visiting Thailand I can honestly say that I regard Pattaya as best of the best that Thailand has to offer. It might not be considered so by the high-society sort, but for most guys Pattaya has all that you could ask for (opera lovers need not apply).

Not only that, for some unknown reason it is actually a low cost option (despite certain temptations that can quickly drain a hefty war-chest). It's amazing, this place ought to be right up there with the most expensive holiday resorts in Thailand but, instead, it is one of the cheapest.

Throughout the website, I will try to give you the best accounts of the experiences that I, and my friends, have had in the land of smiles.

If things turn out well, hopefully my story might serve as an inspiration to you. If it all turns out badly... well I'll just have to come up with a plan B!

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