Thai Sex Vacation
(true stories)

For as long as I can remember, a Thai sex vacation has had a reputation for being the living embodiment of a naughty boy's paradise. Stories of hedonistic excess have been shared by many a man in bars across the world about Thailand's nightlife services.

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Even people who have never visited, and never intend to visit, are aware of what is openly offered here. But what about the future of the pay for play (P4P) industry in Thailand?

As an heads-up, the future will of course remain fun-packed.

However, just because things have been the way they are for so long does not guarantee that things will always be the way they are, so what are the drivers that might cause the industry to change?

And before getting into that, just how good was it and how does today compare with glories of previous decades?

Past & present

It is fairly well understood that what we commonly regard as the Thai sex vacation industry started in Bangkok and Pattaya during the Vietnam War days, but it is often not fully appreciated that P4P in the land of smiles preceded that time by a long margin… it’s just that it wasn’t serving foreigners until war.

Even today the vast majority of the Thai sex industry serves a local clientele that most foreigners never see anything of!

With regard to the tourist focused Thai sex vacation, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the industry reached its zenith, with tens of thousands of sweet, lovely Thai girls eager to snag a potential wealthy husband.

The most important thing that needs to be said about the past is that virtually everyone who remembers it agrees that the naughty nightlife scene was even more fun back then than it is today.

I'm not sure that I agree completely, but I don’t doubt that the ladies were even more tender and caring… at least outwardly.

It was certainly cheaper at one time, and even the past few years have seen substantial increases in prices, but the fun factor is still there in spades!

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Many long-term visitors feel that the attitude of the Thai girls in tourist areas has changed over time, and whilst there is truth in this and don’t think that it is the whole truth.

I think that most guys are a little unfair.

I've never read a single report or heard a single story where a long-term visitor has acknowledged any change in his own attitude and perception. Most long-term visitors have been stung at one time or another by a somewhat unscrupulous individual and that taints the way that a person looks at things thereafter.

It is also true that Thai girls are, believe it or not, human…

Thailand sex touristsA couple of tourists and their Thai lady friends.

Those western guys who lament about the treatment they received in days gone by need to factor into their memories the fact their bodies were younger, slimmer, and more attractive back then.

The younger guys today can expect to be treated well by the girls today, but fat old men have never really been greeted with lustful enthusiasm even in the glory days of old.

That said, I do think that the once common sweet traditional girl is being steadily replaced by a new generation of somewhat westernized ladies, and for many of us that's exactly what we are trying to get away from!

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Thai Sex Vacation Overview

The existence of the Thai Sex vacation industry is considered to be deeply offensive by many people in the west, but I have no particular objection to consenting adults earning some money or having some fun, so look elsewhere if you want to read any damning reports.

Whatever your viewpoint, there is no denying that this sort of thing is big business in Thailand. Just about every town has got a venue where sex is available for money, but there are some stark contrasts between the tourist-orientated Thai sex vacation practices and those which cater for local Thai men.

Since the Thai girls involved in the oldest of professions do have the ability to ‘vote with their feet’ and choose where to ply their trade, my guess is that the tens of thousands of working girls in Pattaya alone is testimony to the better standards and rewards that are available there.

Sex workers in PattayaSome solicitous ladies in Pattaya.

I’d advise any supposedly well-intentional naysayers who would like to stop westerners from going on these vacations to consider how the working-girls involved would be affected.

My guess is that restricting their options would not benefit them…

The Bangkok red light district, Bangla Road in Phuket, and just about everywhere in Pattaya are much more 'in-your-face' than the industry that serves Thai men, and I believe that this is the main bone of contention.

It’s also worth noting that things are not as sordid as they once were. Even Pattaya has got much more to offer its visitors these days than just the naughty stuff. In fact, most of the growth in tourism to Pattaya over the past ten or twenty years has been of the mainstream variety.

Why Pattaya remains number one

There are many reasons why Pattaya, sometimes referred to as sin-city, is the number one destination for a sex vacation in Thailand (and the world).

  • The first reason relates to its history. US troops taking a break from the Vietnam War were the first sex tourists to arrive on its shores, and the industry has grown from that time right up to the current time.
  • Secondly, Pattaya is the closest beach resort to Bangkok. From Bangkok, you can get there by car in less than 2 hours. Many western expat residents in Bangkok frequently take their breaks in Pattaya, and this all adds to the demand for female companionship.
  • Third, it’s not just about serving tourists, there is an extra demand for the sex industry from foreign expats that have chosen to live in Pattaya. This largely male body of people is a sizable contingent of the local population, although exchange rate movements in recent years has forced some guys out.
  • Fourth, most of the girls working in the bars are from the Isaan region of Thailand. This is the poorest region of Thailand and many of the working-girls originate from there. The closest beach resort to Isaan that attracts western tourists in large numbers is Pattaya.
Beach Road hookersPattaya Beach Road during daylight.

Put all this together and you have all the ingredients for a thriving sex tourism industry i.e. high demand (from international visitors, local expats and Bangkok expats) and high supply (from the nearby Isaan ladies).

I can't see this situation being reversed anytime soon.

Thai Sex Stories (none-explicit)

The following Thai sex stories have all come from verified freelance writers who are based in Thailand and who have many years’ experience of the adult entertainment industry. I don’t publish explicit stories, but neither do I leave you guessing about what goes on:

  • Bangkok blowjob bars – a story from an expat recounting his experiences with a certain chain of adult entertainment bars.
  • Pattaya soapy massage – without a doubt the soapy is the favored massage of any connoisseur of the ‘happy ending’.
  • Bangkok lesbian shows – for anyone who wishes to see some action between two ladies then this will be informative.
  • Bangkok ping pong show – you need to be careful with these shows because there are a lot of rip-off shows around Thailand.
  • Karon beach girls – a story from an older traveler who prefers the slower paced sex tourism scene on one of Phuket’s quitter beaches.

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Local Thai attitudes regarding sex

When it comes to attitudes towards sex in Thailand you should be aware that there is a LOT of rubbish written about the whole thing, and that most westerners have no clue about it. This is especially true of the self-proclaimed experts, many of whom base their entire knowledge of Thailand on a 2-week vacation in Pattaya.

First and foremost, Thailand is a very conservative country at heart and it’s important not to confuse mainstream behavior with the sort of activities that you see in the tourist areas.

With that said, there is a big difference between reality and the words that you will read or hear about from a Thai lady as regards the pace at which a sexual relationship might progress from being platonic to a full on intimacy.

Almost all Thai women will insist that a respectable lady will hold back on the intimate stuff until such a time as she deems it right and proper to become intimate. In reality, as with ladies the world over, much will depend on the nature of how you meet and who you meet.

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I’ll use an analogy to put my point across – consider your typical western girl on a vacation (holiday if you prefer) somewhere far from home. She’ll likely get up to all sorts of stuff that she wouldn’t dream of doing back home because, when operating in her usual social surroundings, she will want to protect her reputation.

Take her outside of those usual social surroundings and put her in the company of men that she’s unlikely to ever see or hear from again, and you can bet that she’ll be far less inhibited as regards intimate relations!

The same logic applies to Thai dating.

Don’t be surprised if a first date leads to a red hot steamy encounter, the weight of evidence suggests that it is quite likely.

Thai girls know that western men are not likely to end up interacting with anyone from their own social or professional circle of contacts, so they tend to have much less fear of damaging their reputations by jumping straight into bed…

Of course, if you do meet a regular Thai lady from within a shared circle of friends or work colleagues, then you can expect things to progress much more slowly!

Thai Sex Controversies

For girls under the age of about 25, depending on the girl, sex may be more readily available just as it is with young girls in western countries. However, as with western countries, it will sometimes only be available to similarly young men (be they western men or Thai men.)

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That’s not always the case, and sometimes a significantly older man can get lucky with a much younger Thai lady, but in this case it is far more likely that payment will be expected.

A lot of westerners love to brag about the successes they’re having for free with regular girls, but in a lot of cases the girl involved would have been expecting some money even if nothing was mentioned. A Thai man would understand this and the Thai lady might simply expect you to understand without the embarrassment of an actual request for payment.

For older groups, sex for fun is sometimes seen as being a little unwholesome in the traditional areas, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen… just that an older woman would almost certainly want to keep things much more private.

That is a big selling point for westerners – the extra privacy offered by a guy who does not interact with her friends and neighbors means that many a mature Thai lady will turn to westerners for their fun.

It’s also true that a high proportion of Thai men are not interested in the ladies from an older age group, so westerners have a lot of opportunities there.

Any particular girl that you meet might behave quite differently depending on what she is expecting from a relationship. As explained already, if you meet a girl in the workplace and set about winning her heart, don’t expect to get her into bed anytime soon. She will know that there’s a big risk of workplace gossip causing damage to her reputation, so she’ll play things in a much more reserved fashion.

If, on the other hand, you met that same girl online and she felt that she could keep her relationship with you as a completely private thing with no chance of your lives crossing paths in a social or professional capacity, then she might well decide that intimacy on a first date is fine.

Thai dating in secret usually leads to much more sex in general!

If the girl in question is hoping to meet a lifelong partner then she is going to want to make a good impression, and there’s no way that she is going to hop straight into bed with a prospective husband. A casual acquaintance on the other hand might be someone to share intimacy with on a ‘no-strings’ basis.

Billabong PattayaThe Billabong bar on Pattaya LK Metro.

Many respectable ladies and gentlemen in Thailand have got secret acquaintances with whom they shrug off their prim and proper personalities and let themselves indulge in passionate encounters.

Obviously, these sorts of relationships are kept very secret.

Sex with regular Thai girls tends to be relatively straight laced. Vaginal and oral sex is certainly commonplace but if you are hoping to find a lady that enjoys something a little more adventurous e.g. anal sex, then this is much less common than with western girls.

Many regular Thai ladies can be quite naïve, and some will allow you to progress things much more quickly than she would choose. If you are not intending something serious, then using a regular girl to satisfy your urges is a very bad idea, and can quite possibly lead to serious repercussions.

Thais have no problem with westerners using the services of a working-girl to satisfy their needs, but take advantage of a regular girl with no intention of ongoing commitment, and they will despise you with a passion!

Whilst the heartlands of the kingdom are still very conservative and traditional, there is something of a revolution going on that is something akin to what happened in the western world during the 1960’s. Things are changing a bit more slowly than that, but there is a definite evolution of attitudes towards sex in Thailand.

I imagine that, to some degree, this is an inevitable consequence of the effects of globalization.

Regardless of this changing mind-set, were you to have an open and frank conversation with a group of Thai girls about when it is appropriate to have sex with a new boyfriend, they would all insist that the first date is way too soon (even if, in practice, they will happily indulge!).

Finally, if you ever intend to meet a lady in Thailand for anything serious, DO NOT ever let her or anyone around you know that you have any experience of the Thai sex vacation industry. If you do then you’ll be regarded as wholly unsuitable, and no decent girl will touch you.

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