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I've mentioned a few of the Thai prostitute warning signs to look out for in my section about Thai dating advice because it is actually very easy to get snared! On the whole, getting serious with anyone that you meet in Pattaya is a really bad idea due to the risk of meeting a trickster who just wants your cash, so do your best to avoid it at all costs. You wouldn't get seriously involved with a lady-of-the-night back home and it really isn't all that different in Pattaya. On the other hand, enjoying a little holiday romance can be a lot of fun...

A safer option for meeting good girls is online dating; there are quite a few gold-diggers online too, who are looking for a generous benefactor just like you! However, it is a lot safer than the bars, and worth a try if you want to get a head-start before arriving in Thailand. is my recommended dating site and it is a proven resource for finding and meeting regular ladies.

In this report I'll go into a bit more detail about why any sort of emotional attachment is a bad idea. A case study is the way to go here, nothing works better than an example! That being the case, I'll use one of my own experiences from back when I was new to Thailand sex workers and their antics. Oh yes, I too have been taken for a ride before... What can I say, it can happen to anyone!

Thai Prostitute; handle with caution

Wouldn't life be so much easier if we could all learn from each others mistakes? I suppose the wisest of us can do just that but I think that most of us only really learn from our own mistakes. Some unfortunate sorts can't even learn from their own mistakes and just keep repeating their screw-ups again and again. When it comes to a Thai prostitute, you will be doing really well to learn from the mistakes of others. Unfortunately this is really difficult to do. This is one area where the vast majority of us just convince ourselves that 'my girl' is different... ha, lord help us all!

First off, whilst these sirens are almost always very good at working their way into your affections, they are not always beautiful. Many of them are stunningly beautiful and you will naturally feel more wary of them (maybe you'll be cautious because you will know that she'll have plenty of other admirers).

Don't go thinking that the less physically attractive girls are any more trustworthy than the stunners; I've never detected any link in Pattaya between a woman's beauty and her trustworthiness. If she works in a bar, there is something like a 99% chance that she is a Thai prostitute, and that means that she's completely untrustworthy regardless of her looks!

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Thai Prostitute; a Pattaya lesson learned

My learning experience came a good few years ago during my early 20's. I was as green and naive about the whole industry as it is possible to be... I knew nothing.

I was about a week into my first trip to Thailand when I met her and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that this girl was the most beautiful girl I've seen in Thailand from that day to this. I was taken aback big time... I could hardly hold her glance I was so bowled over by her good looks.

I think she had spoken no more than 20 words to me before the first lie came out. She lied that she was 21 years old when she was actually only 18... no need to have lied, 21 or 18 I was hooked. A friend of mine who was already a Pattaya veteran had her cards marked within about 30 minutes and warned me not to believe anything she said. The signs were there right from the word go. Firstly, she was quite a confident outgoing sort of girl. Nothing like the quiet, shy and reserved sort of character that most good girls in Thailand have.

Second, this girl liked a drink and a smoke. She had no concerns over what she was drinking or the cost to me either... Tequila was her favourite, and lots of it. For the smoking, she didn't like cigarettes but she was a big fan of sheesha. The good girls don't usually want such things.

thai prostitutesSome gogo bar girls on Walking Street...

I remember asking her to open a bottle of beer for me on one occasion, thinking she would head off to find a bottle opener. No need, she just leant it against a stone wall and hit the top with the palm of her hand. I mean, honestly, a good Thai girl just wouldn't know how to open a bottle like that.

Third, she really enjoyed the nightlife. She liked bars and discotheques. This one is not that much of a bad sign, but the kind of discos that the good girls usually like are not popular with Westerners, they are usually populated by Thais only.

Fourth, she had a tattoo on her back... no way would a good Thai girl wear such a thing. In Thailand these are referred to as 'tramp stamps'!

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Thai Prostitute Lies...

You shouldn't ignore danger-signs, but the really tricky stuff comes in judging whether your ladyfriend is lying to you about whatever you happen to be talking about. In my case, as well as lying about her age, within minutes she was trying to sell me on the idea that she was not actually working in the bar at all! She was a customer no less... visiting a friend who did work in the bar! Haha, who would have thought that?

Quite strange then that I ended up paying a 2-week barfine to take this 'customer' out of the bar. In truth, even I wasn't that naive, I knew that she had lied but I ignored it thinking she would appreciate that I hadn't insisted she was a working girl. Never ever let a Pattaya girl getaway with a lie, Thai prostitutes are very unlikely to respect you for it! You don't need to show them to be liars (that would be equally bad as it would cause a loss of face), but you do need to show them that you are no fool and won't tolerate being lied to.

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The biggest lie she told me, after 2-weeks together, was that she was completely in love with me! How lucky eh? She was able to turn on the water-works and cry like a baby at the mere thought of my departure from Thailand... That's quite a talent really; and lots of Thai prostitutes can manage such theatrics effortlessly. In any case, depart Thailand I did and so started a long-distance relationship until 6-months later when I managed to get back to Thailand.

I can't stress enough that a long-distance relationship with a Pattaya girl is NOT a good idea. It will almost always lead to lies and deception from the girl. She may lead you to think that she will go back to her family away from Pattaya if you will send her a little money to get by on until you return... that's what happened to me and I swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

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When I did get back to Thailand, I came on a bit of a tight budget. That meant that going out drinking and partying all the time would not be possible. I was here on a 2-month visit just to see my girl really. Things started off well at first, but they soon turned sour. Things came to an abrupt end when I caught her stealing money... and at a time when she knew full well that I was short of money! After initially denying any responsibility, she gave in and started on some lame excuse about a sick relative. I wasn't having any of that rubbish and threw her out.

I got about a thousand calls in the next few days, mostly ignored. Some were all "I really sorry" some even went as far as "I not want to live without you". Eventually though, she settled down on the conclusion that it was actually all my fault!!?!? It's all part of the game they play, Thai prostitutes will try anything and everything and when it doesn't work anymore, they'll end up hating you and blaming you.

During the time that we were together, I can honestly say that I never knew anything about any other men. I won't go into those details here but let's just say that it turned out she'd had enough gentlemen parts whilst dating me that she could have used them to build a hand-rail around Koh Samui! Dear oh dear, those were the days.

Thai Prostitute final thought

Just make sure that you learn from your own mistakes if you can't learn from mine or the myriad of other westerners that fall for the fantasy. Best of luck with this one, it is really difficult to stay detached from the lies until you have gotten some experience of them. If you do get involved with a Thai prostitute, and things do go belly up, don't take it too seriously, it's just life, it won't last forever...

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