A Phuket Sex Story

By Adam (from the UK)

Having completed my annual rounds of the Phuket sex circuit I thought that a report of my activities might be of some interest to any similarly debauched minds out there. I hope that it is of some use to you.

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There were three girls in particular that caught my attention on my most recent trip, and what follows is an account of how I fared with each of them.

There are some regrets, some foolishness, and some mistreatment (me being on the receiving end of that) but, overall, I’m left with fond memories of my three lovely Phuket sex workers.

This is not a report about the various options for sex in Phuket, it's more of a personal account of the sorts of sexual relationships that develop from spending extended periods of time in the company of bar girls on the island.

Before launching into that, a few words about me. This is my first contribution to the site, I am 45 years old, reasonably fit, white, and English. As with many of my North European compatriots I’m a fairly quite sort of guy, and I only crawl out of my shell when generous amounts of alcohol is added to my system...

I’ve been to Thailand on a few previous occasions, but I claim no great knowledge of the ins and outs of how the whole sex scene operates or how Thai girls really think and feel about us westerners.

All I know is that I’ve enjoyed plenty of good times here…

Phuket beer barOne of the better beer bar settings in Phuket.

Three Phuket Sex Workers...

1. ‘Am’

I met Am on day 3 of my trip; she’s 19 years old, slim but curvy, long dark hair, fair skinned and, most strikingly, she had firm shapely breasts with fantastic cleavage.

She worked in a run of the mill beer bar with no real distinguishing features.

It took a little effort on my part to win her over and I sensed that I needed to take some time in doing so. I got the impression that rushing in with an immediate offer to ‘bar-fine’ her would not have been successful, so I settled in at her bar for a while.

I let her win a few bar games, connect-four being her favorite, and then duly thrashed her at pool!

I’m told that winning at connect-four will lead the girls to immediately suspect that you are an old hand in the Phuket bar scene and I didn’t want that. I wanted to present myself as the innocent and unspoiled gentleman that I am!

Winning at pool is fine since the girls know that pool is popular with Englishmen back home, being good at connect-four on the other hand is hard to explain…

Over the week or so that I spent with Am, I must admit to having taken a bit too much of an interest in her, she was sexy, enthusiastic, and fantastic in the bedroom.

Unfortunately for me things were not to last and I have to take all of the blame for that – I went to see her one night, unannounced, at her bar and she was already busy with another customer.

The customer in question was an old, fat, Arab covered in hair. The thought of him on top of her grunting away spoiled things in my head and I had to give her an instant red-card for it.

It’s a shame really and I regretted it later, but there are some truths about bar-work that, whilst you may be aware of them, you really don’t want to see in the flesh - this episode fitted that bill exactly!

It also left me wondering about my first impression; if she was happy to go with this fellow then perhaps an instant bar-fine offer on our first meeting would have been accepted.

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2. ‘Fon’

After Am the lovely Fon was next on my list of newfound friends. Fon, like Am, was also 19. She had shorter hair with a red tint to it, slightly darker skin, and a really sexy face.

She didn’t have the curves that Am had, but she was slim and good fun.

I met her in a bar owned by an Englishman and quickly took a liking to her quiet but bubbly personality. The Englishman and his Thai wife/girlfriend had a toddler, and I liked the way that Fon took care of her – it made me think that she was a kind and decent person.

She may well be kind and lovely, but things went sour with Fon as they did with Am, the difference this time is that I put the blame squarely on her shoulders...

I’d already learned my Phuket sex scene lesson from my time with Am, and I had decided that turning up unannounced at a girl's place of work is a bad idea. That being the case I sent her an SMS one night to ask about her availability and if I could come see her.

“Come see me” was the response so off I went.

I got to her bar and there she was all alone as I’d planned, so I pulled up a chair and settled in with a beer – buying her a drink too of course.

Things were going okay between us and, whilst it wasn’t spoken, it was definitely understood that I was there to pay her bar-fine and spend the night with her. In fact, she knew full-well that this was my intention as soon as I sent her the SMS.

I could sense that this was her intention too… until her mobile phone beeped with a new SMS. All of a sudden she couldn’t go with me because another customer had requested her services.

Now, I’m a reasonable sort of bloke and I understand that monogamy in the Phuket sex industry doesn’t come with a bar-fine and a small payment in the morning, but I do expect that when I’m first in line I shouldn’t get a queue jumper receiving preferential treatment over me.

I left and told her that I wouldn’t be coming back!

To her credit she did leave an apology for me with a mutual acquaintance. I’ve come to realize that apologies from Thai girls are about as rare as rocking-horse shit, so I caved in and decided to give her another go.

Bangla Road, PatongBangla Road in Patong, Phuket.

Unfortunately for me, by the time I heard about the apology I’d already been seen in the company of another woman (or two). I ask you, would you expect a working-girl to get angry over you being with another girl given that she herself had ditched you one night to go off with another man?

Well, Fon went nuts!

At her bar things started off okay, but I could see something was slowly simmering away inside her. Being a bit of a coward I took the decision to call it quits – when I asked for my check-bin things boiled over and Fon threw a fit.

I paid the bill but she wasn’t at all contented with that and started demanding extra money from me for no reason at all! I refused, of course, but the rage within her was clear to see.

Coward or no coward I wasn’t putting up with that nonsense, so I moved her out of my way with a flash of anger in my own face. That got me out of there, and for the rest of the holiday I avoided that part of town.

Take care Fon, I hope your schizophrenia clears up soon… and also take care dear reader, the Phuket sex scene is full of these sorts of nutters and you can’t always spot them at first glance.

3. ‘Ploi’

Ploi was the last of the girls that I spent more than a casual few hours with. She was a little older than the other two at 25, slightly overweight, but with a lovely face.

I took her on an excursion to Phi-Phi Island where we spent the night together. Ploi was good company and easy to talk to, I suppose that’s one advantage of a little extra maturity.

For anyone who is interested, I recommend taking a Thai girl with you to Phi-Phi. If she knows her way around you can rent a scooter and have her drive you to all the best places, and there are some really nice spots to stay for a few beers.

I got bitten by mosquitoes on the way back from Phi-Phi. The one time I didn’t have any repellent with me and the sodding things chewed on me. There’s another tip for you – as soon as the sun starts getting low, get sprayed up or get bitten…

I saw Ploi on a few occasions after the Phi-Phi trip, and I got the impression that she was looking for a boyfriend. That was never going to happen with me and I suspect that she soon realized it.

The last time I saw her she was making eyes at a former customer, fair enough I suppose, I took my leave and drew the curtain on another Thai friendship.

Phuket Sex Scene; final thoughts

I had good times with all of the ladies that I met in Phuket, and I’m not ruling out the possibility of ever getting seriously attached to a Thai girl, but if and when that happens it will most certainly not be with a bar-girl.

Whatever amount of common sense I lack, I'm not quite that foolish!

I’ve come to realize that I’m hopeless at reading these ladies, so the only thing I can use as any kind of barometer for a girl’s suitability for long-term romance is to look at what she does, rather than what she says.

From what I can make out, this is exactly the way that Thais make judgments too – actions speak a lot louder than words in the land of smiles…

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