Thai Call Girls, Sex & Fun

We all know that Thai girls are the primary attraction for a large number of single guys who come to the land of smiles, but it would be wrong to think that the only attraction to this part of the world is the ability to have sex all day long.

There are tens of thousands of Thai girls searching for romantic adventures with western men online. You can easily find good-looking girls for casual sex and fun times, or someone suitable for something more serious with:

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Sex with ladies in the tourist areas, particularly bar-workers, is easy to arrange because these girls are almost all prostitutes.

Arranging sex with prostitutes is easy the world over, so there’s clearly more to Thailand than just bedroom action that brings the single guys here.

It’s not low prices either, it would probably be cheaper to use local prostitutes than to fly halfway around the world with all the associated costs. The real selling point of Thai girls is the quality of the long-term girlfriend-type arrangements that can be enjoyed, but these arrangements can be risky as demonstrated in the true story below.

Stories abound these days about the glory days of Thailand are in the past for lustful single guys but don’t be fooled. It’s true that costs are higher and that the bars are not what they once were, but in other ways things are much better.

The nightlife infrastructure is better than ever, and for anyone who likes to use modern technology and the internet to find his companions, there’s an abundance of opportunity!

Thailand is not just about short-term pleasures with the local ladies, if you understand how things work in Southeast Asia you’ll find lots of marriage worthy girls here. The horror stories that you read about (see below for an example) are not a real danger if you choose wisely and avoid the tourist areas when looking for someone serious.

The usual cultural differences between east and west will test your relationships but if you can adapt to the Asian way of doing things, and like it, successful relationships here are much easier to find than in the west… in my opinion.

However.., if you are a guy who likes to get drunk and spread his love around, or if you are stuck in a mindset of western values/opinion, then it’s best not to get involved in anything serious. Just love Thailand for what it is and don’t bother trying to change it.

Unrivaled fun times await for those guys who know how to party and who don’t want any sort of commitment, to or from, the girls that they meet in Thailand.

Thai Escort Girl Prices in 2024

I’ve given some ball-park figures in the table below about what sort of prices apply for sex with the various hookers in Thailand. Keep in mind that the prices are only rough estimates and that there are many factors that will influence what needs to be paid.

You should also keep in mind that these are prices for a short-time arrangement i.e. after one shot it's all over.

Variance in Thai escort prices come into effect depending on the time of year (the low season is more negotiable) and the particular location within Thailand (Bangkok is usually a little more expensive).

Thai Call Girl Prices

Some guys get carried away in Thailand and think that their personal appeal means that they get better rates, but in my experience these guys are usually deluded idiots.

With that said, if you are genuinely a good looking, well presented guy, and you approach a lady of similar age, it is not unknown for Thai girls to give their services for free.

How much is a Thai girl for a week?

A bar-girl will ask something like 10,000 baht plus bar-fines for a one week service. However, different types of Thai hookers will ask very different prices and it will depend on how much she likes you.

Agency call girls are the most expensive Thai escorts for long-term arrangements and their rates don’t come down as much. They can also be bean-counters with all sorts of extra charges that ruin the girlfriend-experience, so I’d avoid them unless you need the extra discretion that they offer.

The best places to meet Thai girls for sex

There are some differences between the main options for hooking up with Thai girls, but there little dispute as to which are the top destinations. The first three are obvious choices, and I’ve thrown in a fourth option that may interest some guys.

  • Bangkok – the big city remains one of the best options for naughty boys, but the girly bar scene has deteriorated a lot in recent years. The bars have faced a lot of rising costs, but the online scene for Thai escorts is very well developed and growing all the time.
  • Pattaya – the undisputed champion of the naughty nightlife scene with a huge selection of bars of all types, and especially gogo bars. Most of the older bar areas near to the beach are in decline, but there are newer areas inland that are great fun.
  • Phuket – Thailand’s biggest island has long been the preferred choice for more mainstream visitors, whilst still attracting a lot of naughty boys. Younger travelers also seem to prefer Phuket, and it does have plenty of options for getting laid.
  • Chiang Mai – this northern city is the preferred option of a relatively smaller group of guys, most notably those who are on a longer visit and who are on a budget. Chiang Mai has some nightlife options, but nothing like Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket.

You might be wondering why other popular destinations in Thailand have not made my list, and the answer is partly due to personal preference, but I do think that the places mentioned are the best for most men.

Thai bar girlThere are some very sexy temptresses in the bars of Thailand.

Koh Samui is not a place that I regard too highly, and I just don’t see the attraction of the place. There have been too many ‘accidents’ here for my liking, and unless you are a backpacker looking for a full moon party then I suggest looking elsewhere.

Krabi is a place that I love, and I highly recommend it for its scenic beauty, but the naughty boy scene is quite small there (though quite sufficient if you prefer a more low key set up).

By way of venues within a given location, the main options are:

  • Beer bars – usually open air establishments that employ girls as serving staff. Those girls are usually available to accompany a customer off the premises for a fee. You usually have to trawl a good number of these bars to find that one special lady that catches your eye...
  • Coyote bars – these are usually indoor bars with dancing girls inside. Some coyotes are unavailable for sex, so you’ll need to ask some direct questions before plying one of them with some expensive lady-drinks.
  • Gogo bars – similar to coyote bars but all the girls are available. They usually wear skimpy underwear and sometimes dance naked. Additionally, the better bars put on various ‘shows’ to entertain the customers.
  • Discos – in the tourist areas the discos area good place to meet a hooker on the cheap. They are often bar-girls who have come to the disco looking for a customer after their bar has closed. There are even university students searching an income top-up in these places.
  • Online – the dating sites are best if you want to meet someone for longer than an hour or two. It’s expensive these days to hire a Thai girl for a week from a bar, but finding a holiday girlfriend online is easy. You can also find Thai escorts online for brief encounters.

Another P4P option that I have not discussed is that relating to the various naughty massage options in Thailand. For details on that have a look at my page about:

Another topic related to Thai girls that is not discussed here is the topic of Thai ladyboys. Ladyboys are much loved by some and much to be avoided for others. For details on Transsexual girls in Thailand my ThaiRomeo site is the place to be. Have a look at my page about:

There are lots of freelance hookers working the streets in the tourist areas, and some guys use them without too many concerns. You will not usually have any trouble with them, but in some areas e.g. Pattaya Beach Road, there are frequent altercations reported on the news.

The main risk with freelancers is that there is no way to trace them if they misbehave and rob you of your valuables. For some reason disco freelancers seem to be better behaved, and its only street workers in particular hot-spots that you should avoid.

Until you know where those trouble spots are, it’s better to play safe and avoid freelancers.

Modern technology is having a big impact on the bars in Thailand... the best girls have always been reluctant to work in bars for fear of being seen by someone from their hometowns, but there are lots of girls online at:

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Thai sex tourism

Every member of the Thai sex tourism club gets faced with the same question, from time to time, from his various friends and family members i.e. what is it about Thailand that you like so much?

It’s a loaded question of course, and everyone who asks it has got the answer quite firmly and immovably positioned in their heads already.

One inquisitor in particular stands out in my memory; a plump, frumpy, middle-aged, condescending, carcass of a woman pointedly asked me “and WHY do YOU keep going back to THAILAND?” My reply; “there are lots of reasons… and most of them are 20 years YOUNGER and 20kgs LIGHTER than YOU!”

But the truth is that it is not all about the available ladies. The weather, the food, the pace of life, and the totally different culture are all important selling points for Thailand, but I’d be lying to you if I denied that I too am more interested in Thai girls than any of those other selling points.

Thai NightlifeThai girls are good fun, but don't get attached.

On the downside. Problems can and often do arise for guys who allow their fantasies to get the better of them when it comes to Thai bar girls.

Every now and then you come across a news item, or a piece of hearsay, or a story, or something similar that catches your attention. Thailand being what it is, the sort of stuff that catches my attention usually falls into the category of ‘total insanity’ due to one thing or another... and there’s usually a Thai lady involved somewhere along the line.

True to form, a story caught my attention recently that involved a western man and his chosen gift for a Thai bar girl that he was dating.

It’s not clear how long this gentleman has been involved with this lady but, reading between the lines, it seems like he has known this girl for quite a while.

He has certainly known her long enough to have mentioned that, at certain times in her past, she has lost control of her actions and gone completely off the rails with her blood boiling in rage.

He failed to specify exactly what the nature of these episodes were, what they involved, or what led to them, but he did make it clear that they had given him some cause for concern.

Now, regarding the gift that he has bought her, you might be guessing at this point that he had bought his lady a diamond ring, or a motorbike, or perhaps a house, or some other expensive item.

The thing is.., what he actually bought her caught my full attention, and the reason for that is because he has gone out and bought her... a gun!

Sometimes words fail me.

Of course, this is a bit of an extreme example of madness, and most horror stories between Thai girls and western guys unfold without any obvious turning point where an act of utter madness took things down a path to destruction.

Walking Street PattayaWalking Street in Pattaya has many bar girls to choose from.

Bad decisions are usually much more subtle and impossible to pin-point… other than the initial decision to get involved at all.

Short Term Fun & Long Term Happiness

In Thailand, it’s better to make use of all the wonderful opportunities that are on offer and spread your wings rather than settle down with a working-girl. These words are ridiculously obvious and for anyone who hasn’t been to Thailand and experienced the temptations on offer, you may think it unworthy to make such a statement of the obvious.

The number of true horror stories, on the other hand, is testimony of the need for such obvious words. Fill your hands and indulge yourself, but don’t let your emotions rule you.

If you want something more serious then look for it online or in locations far away from the naughty girls. Some guys would have you believe that finding a loyal Thai lady is impossible, but that is horseshit, and it usually comes from the mouths of sex-tourists who have been burned by hooker…

When enjoying the single life, always make sure that each girl understands your intentions. Be completely honest and tell them that you are a 'butterfly' and don’t want a girlfriend. One of the worst things you can do, and one of the most heartless, is let a girl think that you are going to be her boyfriend/husband if you have no intention of being so.

Another good way of reducing her intentions on hooking you as a boyfriend is to tell her that you don’t have much money and can’t take care of her all the time. I can almost guarantee that she'll still want to keep seeing you on an occasional basis.

Some people avoid getting serious because they don’t want to fall in love, and they decide not to see any girl more than a certain number of times, or they move on as soon as they feel themselves starting to develop any sort of emotional attachment.

I don’t think this is completely necessary; if you like someone it’s fine and you should keep seeing her, just make sure that you are also seeing other girls too because that should hold any particular attachment to any one girl in check.

After you’ve stayed in a naughty area for a while and you’ve built up a list of Thai girls you’re entertaining, you’ll find yourself starting to tread new pathways so as to avoid bumping into people. It can be fun carrying on this juggling act but you should make sure that you keep your Thai girls separate.

Even though each will know that you are a butterfly, that doesn’t mean that they will want to meet your other ladies!

The Thai sex scene that many men dream of enjoying for a lifetime is not always everyone’s long-term happiness solution.

It is only right for a relatively small proportion of men; in particular those men who genuinely don’t want a girlfriend or wife. Most men do seem to desire serious commitment from their lady-friends, and that makes the naughty nightlife incompatible with long-term happiness.

For those men who value their own company, and who don’t want family problems to deal with, and that prefer the commitment-free lifestyle, these guys may well find that life in a sex centered place like Pattaya does offer long-term contentment.

I’ll be honest though, it seems to me that most men don’t want these things after a while of having them. If this happens to you, you'll probably start wanting something more serious, and my recommended dating sites are worth a look at that point.

Sex Workers on Soi 6Some young guys looking for fun on Soi 6 Pattaya.

It’s a bit like the old adage – you only really want the things in life that you can’t have – with Thai girls, all the things that you can’t usually have are readily available, and after a while the novelty does wear off. Where does that leave you... looking for someone for a permanent relationship and, like I said, you really shouldn’t do that with anyone from the Thai sex scene.

The Future

As far as I can make it out, I think that there are three main things to consider when thinking about the future of the Thailand sex vacation scene:

  • Firstly, how desirable is it considered to be by the Thai people?
  • Secondly, how important is it to the Thai economy overall?
  • Lastly, is modern technology making an impact?
  • Starting with the Thai people, I think it is fair to say that the local population of any country is not going to be particularly overjoyed to see millions of middle-aged, single, male visitors coming to their country from all over the world to enjoy the company of the local ladies and, whilst Thai sex attitudes in general are a little different, I doubt that your typical Thai is overjoyed by the current state of affairs.

    There’s no doubt that Thailand is an extremely tolerant country, but what annoys many Thais is the brazen, in-your-face displays that go on in the tourist nightspots. The traditional Thai way of going about this sort of business is to keep it all undercover, in much the same way that westerners keep it undercover in their own countries.

    As far as the importance of the sex trade industry to the Thai economy is concerned, the surprising truth is 'not very'. The Thai economy is very much driven by its export markets.

    Tourism as a whole is much smaller and, within that, sex tourism is only a small part of overall tourism. Obviously there are certain local areas where it is more popular and therefore more important to the local economy, but even in Pattaya the authorities are trying to move away from it.

    Why bother with the bar girls and hardcore hookers when you can meet someone much better online? If you prefer a more slow paced and intimate way of meeting ladies for sex and romance, you might be interested in checking out:

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    The last thing to consider is technology. Many of the working-girls greatest fear is that their profession will be discovered by the good folk back home in the rural heartlands.

    No doubt the neighbors back home will already have their suspicions about what is going on, but Thai girls can live with suspicion easily. Confirmation of their activities is another matter and these days the probability of being found out is much higher. Mobile phones (and their cameras) are everywhere and the images/videos that they capture spread like wildfire on social websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

    At the same time, growth in online dating sites and escort agencies have provided would-be-bar-girls with an alternative way of discreetly finding customers, and lots of them have seized that opportunity. These days you’ll find plenty of the best looking working-girls plying their trade on my recommended dating site, as well as regular ladies looking for love.

    For me, technology is the biggest threat to the bars and nightlife in Thailand’s naughty areas, many bars are reporting falling trade year after year and the main culprit is the difficulty in recruiting female temptresses to work for them and draw customers in.

    Some argue that economic development has provided would-be-bar-girls with alternative ways of earning a living and, whilst that may be true in a few cases, a quick online search of GDP per capita in Thailand compared to western countries will show you that the income gap is still very wide.

    Real poverty is still a huge problem in the poorest areas of Thailand, and prostitution remains the only viable means of earning sizable amounts of money for a huge section of the female population.

    Final thoughts about Thai girls & sex options

    The pay-for-play industry today is certainly a very different thing to what it was in the 80s & 90s, and most of the difference is due to good old fashioned supply and demand. Whilst the naughty bars are struggling to draw Thai girls to work for them in the number seen in previous years, the number of tourists heading to Thailand has grown significantly.

    This will inevitably change the nature of the pay-for-pleasure industry as time goes by, most notably in the form of higher prices asked by bar-girls.

    I do think that the current situation is as much fun as it ever was.

    It's more expensive now, but it is still easily affordable for most Westerners. In some regards a Thai sex vacation is better than ever now; the cleanliness and overall quality of the bars/restaurants is much higher and there’s plenty of really classy places these days.

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