A Thai Ladyboy Escort

By Geoff (from Bangkok)

My first encounter with a Thai ladyboy escort was about to commence, and it was not a happy one! I was actually shopping online for a female escort, i.e. not a transsexual, for some much needed company and was duped by ladyboy posing as a girl.

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Being in Bangkok on business for a few days I was traveling alone and I was completely bored out of my mind… the prospect of some female companionship had lured me in.

I came across a few dating websites online but was discouraged from entering my details to create a profile. The alternative that I chose was Craigslist which, in hindsight, I regret using more than drinking cobra infused whiskey at the Chatuchack market.

There was a surprisingly small selection of available ladies at my disposal on the site; I guess a lot of them want to remain hidden under the radar. There were also a lot of them using titles like “Bangkok ladyboy escort” and “sexy fun lady for foreigner”. For some reason I wanted to find someone with a more reserved sort of profile.

I searched meticulously and discovered someone that I felt matched my requirements; it had a picture of a beautiful woman and her description suggested that she was down to earth and looking for a good time as well. I sent a quick message, providing my first name, and proclaimed my interest in meeting her for the obligatory first date drink. I make myself a coffee and light a cigarette while taking a look outside at the breath-taking scenery of smog and traffic whilst waiting for a response from my new friend.

Soi Cowboy, BangkokSoi Cowboy is one of Bangkok's best nightspots, and it has ladyboys

I hear a beep on my computer, which signifies I’ve got mail, so I swiftly glide over from the balcony and excitedly open the email. I didn’t anticipate just how much she wanted to meet me; I assumed that your average Thai woman would be quite shy.

Her name was Porn (meaning blessing in Thai) and she replied that she wanted to not just meet me but that she was willing to come to my hotel room first. There was also a fairly suggestive photo attachment of her upper half.

Now, the situation was a little uncomfortable in that I had gotten the hotel room for free via the company I work for, and I didn’t want the staff talking about me which might endanger my future employment. I hastily developed a plan and provided Porn with my phone number; as soon as she called I gave her specific directions for finding the hotel, and a blind spot outside where I would meet her.

As a short aside from the story, here are my thoughts on Thai ladyboy escort locations in Bangkok:

Best Thai Ladyboy Escort Nightspots in Bangkok

There are many foreign visitors to Thailand that fall into the category of curious first-timers who have not had the opportunity, or the courage, to seek the company of ladyboys in their own country. Many men in this situation have headed to Thailand to enjoy the services of a Thai ladyboy escort and broaden their horizons, which is quite understandable given the prejudice and ridicule that transsexuals endure in most other countries of the world.

My purpose here is to give you a brief account of the main tourist hotspots in Bangkok where you can meet a ladyboy safely and easily. If you prefer to meet someone online for a brief liaison, my recommended site is the way to go.

Nana Plaza, BangkokNana Plaza is my top recommendation for adult fun in Bangkok.

Also, don’t miss my general advice about ladyboy dating. I’d steer clear of using any online dedicated ladyboy escort services as the prices quoted are often extortionate and completely unnecessary.

Bangkok has three main tourist focused options for nightlife and there are plenty of ladyboy escorts working in all of them. They are:

  • Nana Entertainment Plaza – this is my top recommendation for nightlife in Bangkok; it sits on Soi 4 off Sukhumvit Road and is centrally located between Soi Cowboy and Patpong, meaning that choosing a hotel here or nearby will position you right in the thick of the action. Nana Plaza, and the street that it is located on, has a big concentration of bars, gogo bars, restaurants, massage parlors and so on. You can get anything form a quiet drink, to a meal, live sports, live music, and all the romantic company that you could want. The plaza itself is housed in a square shaped venue that rises up on each side to 3 floors of beer-bars, gogo-bars, and ladyboy bars.

  • Soi Cowboy – this place is also a really good place to have fun and meet lots of potential friends! It is full of neon that lights it up well at night. It is a smaller venue than NEP but it is a quality venue. It is located about a kilometer to the east of NEP down Sukhumvit Road. Any taxi driver in the area will know it well so, if you are staying at a hotel near Sukhumvit Soi 4, you can hop in a cab a be there in just a few minutes.

  • Patpong – I’m less familiar with Patpong but it has an infamous history. At one time this was the place to be if you wanted some fun but, these days, I’d say it is the least fun of the three options I’m covering. There is a bad reputation for scams of one sort or another here so you should be on your guard. There are plenty of pick-pockets too so that probably doesn’t appeal much. That said, it is a must see place due to its nostalgic appeal and it does still have plenty of attractions in terms of nightlife. You will find Patpong located about 2-3 kilometers to the southwest of NEP and again, every taxi driver knows where it is.

These areas are not exclusively worked by Bangkok ladyboy escorts, they are general nightspots where tourists of all sorts go for a night out, which means you can relax here without any pressure on you at all. You can just sit back, take your time, and see where the night takes you…

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The Story Continues...

30 minutes later Porn gives me a ring to notify me of her whereabouts, but she’s confused about the location. I can see her from the window inside the ground floor bathroom and I hail her to come over and climb in. She looks dumbfounded by the whole covert operation thing but I reiterate that I can’t let the hotel staff know that I have lady in my room.

She starts to complain, saying what I can only assume are swear words in Thai as she jumps up into the window and climbs inside, but I got the impression that this wasn’t her first time jumping through a window.

We manage to go undetected to the hotel room where she collapses on the bed. I inform her that I need to use the bathroom and that she should make herself comfortable. 10 minutes later Porn is sitting naked on my bed with her legs crossed firmly, it was obvious that she was hiding something from me.

Clearly, I was in the company of a Bangkok ladyboy escort… marvelous… how do I handle this?

She also seemed agitated at the situation even though it was one that she had manufactured! We had some sort of Mexican standoff, but I was not ready to see her pistol. “I am a Bangkok ladyboy escort” she confirmed.

My face froze for a moment while I tried to figure out the best way out of this predicament. “I think we have a misunderstanding” I uttered, hoping she would put her clothes back on and leave, but it only seemed to anger her. “I’m not leaving” Porn rapidly exclaimed, accompanied by a childish grunt. I maintain a calm disposition, fully aware that anyone who would deliberately put themselves in a situation like this might easily be carrying a weapon for protection.

Thai ladyboy performersLadyboy cabaret shows often have photo opportunities for tourists.

“I’m sorry but I don’t want to have sex with you, I think it’s best if you leave” I recommended, with a forced smile to try to ease the tension. She rolls her eyes at me and then flops over on the side of the bed that has her handbag. She starts rummaging through it and I begin slowly walking backwards seriously concerned about what she might pull out.

I take a quick look around for a viable weapon if things turned ugly. She pulls out a pack of cigarettes and I simultaneously breathe a sigh of relief. I figured that since intercourse was a definite no, the next thing she will want is money. I check my pockets for my wallet and phone but I am unable to locate them. “You need to be more careful, I could have left when you were in the bathroom” she bragged, waving my stuff in front of me.

Porn became less hostile toward me, knowing that she has the upper hand over me, and I start wondering if this is a typical sort of occurrence for a Bangkok ladyboy escort. “I want to ask you something?” she requested, her eyes slowly focusing towards the ground and not fixated on me. “Can I smoke?” she asked. “Sure” I replied, abiding by her request in fear. Her first puff relaxed her more but this was still remnant of a hostage situation. “I’m sorry, I’m not a bad person, I’m just desperate” she declared.

Another quick aside, this time about other Thai ladyboy escort destinations in Thailand:

Pattaya, Phuket & other Thai Ladyboy Escort locations

Pattaya and Phuket should not be overlooked in your endeavors to meet someone. Bangkok ladyboy escorts will expect to be paid significantly more than their counterparts in other areas of the kingdom, and in Pattaya and Phuket you have some extra attractions:

  • Pattaya – Be under no illusion, Pattaya is ground zero if you like nightlife, this place is non-stop fun. The entire city is like one big party zone and it is a place where you will meet endless numbers of girls and ladyboys that would love nothing more than to make your acquaintance…. There are lots of places here to meet ladyboys but Sunee Plaza, BoyzTown and Walking Street are the main options. You’ll be happy to know that the prices in Pattaya are amongst the cheapest in Thailand, and this includes food, drink, hotel, massage and other pretty much everything else.

  • Phuket – If you are looking for some outstanding scenery and beautiful beaches with powdery white sands then you should consider Phuket. To meet ladyboys, the location on Phuket to head to is Patong beach. Patong is not on the same scale as Pattaya but there is still a good amount of nightlife options to keep you entertained. The center of activity is Bangla Road and there are lots of small side streets that join onto it that are packed full of bars and so on. The main ladyboy location is called Soi Crocodile (one of the side streets off Bangla Road). You do need to pay for the stunning location though, prices in Phuket are high and ladyboys here will expect to be paid at least as much as Bangkok ladyboy escorts.

  • As for the other locations where you can find ladyboy escorts, Chiang Mai in North Thailand is certainly worth looking at and the prices there are actually lower than in Pattaya. Options in Koh Samui are very limited, as they are in Krabi, Hat Yai and other South Thailand locations. Hua Hin is another option that is reasonably close to the big city and worth a look.
Thai ladyboy escorts in PattayaBangkok has good choices on offer, but Pattaya has even better ones!

The Story Concludes...

I learned from doing business how to read body language and with that I knew I could easily turn the tables on the situation. I sat down next to Porn, opened my arms as a physical gesture to comfort her, and she confides that she has been sad since her mother died and had no-one to talk to.

She implied that being alone is normal to her, it is typical for a Bangkok ladyboy escort to be without a long-term boyfriend or husband due to their inability to have children, and she needed someone to understand her. She was a lost soul; in need of some comfort and help to re-evaluate herself, ironically this is what I did for a living.

After 20 minutes of intense revelations and realizations, she handed me back my stuff and I was feeling some sympathy for her. Porn went to my bathroom to freshen up with a newfound confidence reflected in her smile. I felt proud of my ability to contain the situation, and a little humbled that she didn’t attack me as I’d half expected.

As she was about to leave I gave her 3,000 baht for her time and wished her well. She wais at me for my gratitude and understanding. After a while I reflect on the experience and think that a Bangkok Ladyboy escort is just a person like anyone else, but perhaps with a few extra hurdles in life to get over – it taught me a lesson and I wish I’d been a little less hasty to assume the worst as soon as I clapped eyes upon her.

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Thai Ladyboy Escort Prices

A Thai ladyboy escort service is an option that might appeal to you if you are interested in meeting a ladyboy in Pattaya or elsewhere but, on the whole, I'd advise against using an escort agency as the prices tend to be very high.

Pattaya ladyboy escorts do ask for cheaper rates than you'll find in Bangkok and other destinations, but they're still expensive compared to ladyboy bar-workers. With the number of ladyboys that you can meet in the various bars in sin city, there really is no need to pay the higher prices asked by escorts.

Pattaya ladyboy escorts from an agency tend to cost something like three times the amount that you would pay in a bar i.e. as much as 4,000 to 5,000 baht for a single hour.

The day-rate is even worse, one whole day can be as much as 16,000 baht! Unless you are in a fortunate financial position I'm guessing that you can see why I recommend the online route. The people that you'll meet there are regular people, so you won't need to pay them a penny for their time...

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