A Chaiyaphum Dating Story...

By John (from Pattaya)

If you are interested in dating Thai girls in Chaiyaphum province, or anywhere for that matter, there is something to learn from the misfortune that befalls my friend Stuart. Always make sure that you know who you are meeting…

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I have heard the occasional bad date story relating to one online deception or another. The most common deception relates to false profiles. Some of the girls that I know in Thailand would arrange to meet up with someone having used an online picture of themselves that is not entirely accurate.

I never really understood this as it is certainly not something that I would consider doing myself. I would be a little embarrassed when it came to meeting in person. In addition to this, using a picture of somebody else certainly shows a lack of confidence in your own appearance.

On the flip side, witnessing the repercussions can sometimes be very amusing.

My name is John and I live in Pattaya. I am happily married, having met my wife using an online dating site. We have a very relaxed and happy marriage that is based on honesty and trust.

I admit that I feel lucky to have avoided any bad dating experiences in Thailand and to be involved in a relationship like mine. The majority of my friends and their respective partners have tempestuous relationships which involve lying and cheating.

I have asked my friends many times what they enjoy about being in relationships such as these. Their responses usually related to excitement. Each to their own, I suppose, but I prefer the quiet life. It was during a trip to visit one of these adrenaline seeking friends of mine that I witnessed a particularly funny situation.

Thai women farmingChaiyaphum Province; where excitement can be a little thin on the ground...

Stuart’s bad Chaiyaphum dating experience

My friend had reminded me about his upcoming 50th birthday party, so I decided that my wife and I would travel to see him and spend a few nights there.

Chaiyaphum province is approximately five hours north of Bangkok. It does not have a huge expat community but Stuart explained that it is definitely on the increase. Stuart himself lives almost 3km outside of the city and runs a small restaurant with his wife.

I’ve spent many holidays with Stuart and his wif, most of them consist of looking on in bewilderment as another argument erupts. They have been together nearly fifteen years and married for almost ten of them. They undoubtedly love each other but their relationship is fiery to say the least.

Stuart had been telling me of his success using online sites to find Thai dating opportunities in secret. He had used them to meet Thai girls who lived in the north of Thailand. He was careful to limit his casual encounters to ladies outside of Chaiyaphum.

I think that was about the only sensible aspect of his decision…

When I arrived, Stuart was keen to show me the ladies that he had already met. The majority of the meetings involved dinner at a restaurant in another town or a few drinks somewhere private. He admitted that, whilst bad dating experiences had been rare, very few of them had ended in sexual encounters.

However, the thrill of dating a lady other than his wife provided him with enough excitement.

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He had been saving the most attractive lady for last. He showed me a profile of a girl from Khon Kaen who was only 21 years old. Stuart was about to celebrate his 50th birthday and was particularly proud of the fact that such an attractive girl had shown interest in meeting him.

She was arriving the following day which was his birthday. I could only laugh and tell him that he was mad!

There was a big party arranged for Stuart with many of his friends agreeing to attend. The morning was spent organizing things and making sure that we had enough beer and food for the evening ahead. This gave Stuart the perfect opportunity to meet up with the girl from Khon Kaen.

With a wink to me, he announced to his wife that he had to go and organise a pig for the barbecue. We had, in fact, already made these arrangements the previous night but his wife was unaware of this. I was a little shocked that his wife did not ask any questions when Stuart came downstairs in a pair of jeans, a nice fitted shirt and a pair of leather shoes.

I chuckled to myself as he climbed into his 4x4 with a beaming smile, completely unaware of the nightmare that was about to unfold. You would have thought that the Chaiyaphum dating scene would be fairly uneventful, but Stuart managed to find a way to spice it up!

Almost an hour later, I heard the gates to his home open and saw his 4x4 approach. I thought he must have forgotten something.

I went out to meet him and his face told its own story.

The beaming smile had been replaced by a worrying frown and he looked very concerned about something. He told me to get in the car as he needed a drink, a strong drink. The encounter had not turned out as he had imagined in more ways than one.

Stuart had arrived at a hotel on the outskirts of the city. He had agreed to meet the girl from Khon Kaen in the hotel bar so he made his way inside. As soon as he entered the room he was greeted by a lady who called out his name.

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Not recognizing her but wanting to be polite he waved back and smiled. The lady came over and sat down. Stuart confessed that he was somewhat puzzled by this. Who was she? The lady in question was actually the mother of the girl on the dating site.

She had used her daughter’s profile to arrange a meeting with him…

Protesting that this was such an awful deception, Stuart stood up and went to leave the bar, but that was not the end of his date. Outraged that Stuart would not spend the day with her, the lady told him that she would follow him wherever he went and find his home. It is safe to say that Stuart drove at high speeds to free himself of this problem.

The consequences

I tried to convince Stuart that he should learn from this and that everything would be okay if he just put it behind him, but he was not so sure. He had made the mistake of giving this woman his real name. She knew that he lived somewhere just outside the city itself and also that he owned a restaurant. I began to understand his concerns whilst also finding the situation amusing.

This was a case of karma at its very best!

After a few more strong drinks, Stuart agreed that he would have to return home. His party was due to start in the late afternoon and there were still some things to organise. We pulled up at his home to find an unfamiliar car on his drive… and his face dropped.

Sat outside on the patio area with his wife was the lady from Khon Kaen.

He asked me to turn the car around but we had already been seen. There was no escape. Like a condemned man, Stuart made his way up the driveway. I thought that it would be best to keep myself out of the situation, so I made myself busy in the kitchen.

I was astonished when his wife came into the kitchen with a big smile on her face. How had he wriggled out of this? The lady in question was a distant relative of his wife. She had said that she was just in the area and thought that she would call in for a visit. She never divulged the truth to Stuart’s wife, much to his relief.

However, when we were alone at the table, she demanded 5,000 baht in order to keep her silence. Stuart paid it immediately. It had been a very costly exercise in the perils of meeting Thai girls when you really shouldn’t.

Will Stuart end his Chaiyaphum dating adventures… don’t count on it!

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