Thailand Foot Massage and Fish Spa

The Thailand foot massage is one of my favourites; it is also the cheapest massage on offer and can be had for 100 baht if you shop around. The thinking with the foot massage is that by working on the nerves in the foot you can promote good health in all parts of the body. This is because, so the thinking goes, the various nerves in the foot are connected to various other parts of the body.

Personally I tend to go with more of a scientific viewpoint on things and I can't really see how massaging a foot can promote good health in your kidneys or other internal organs! Irrespective of that, it is a very pleasurable massage and a good choice if you feel like relaxing with a book for an hour.

If you are fearful of the happy ending massage you can relax with this one. The Thailand foot massage is done with you seated alongside other customers, so you are unlikely to be offered anything 'extra'!

Thailand Foot Massage; techniques and origin

The origins of the foot massage are unknown, you might read from various sources that it started in China or in Japan or in India or wherever..... the truth is that nobody knows because it all started a very, very long time ago and nobody has kept records. Even if they did, the Thailand foot massage techniques have been constantly evolving over time. My own view is that none of this really matters anyway but, no doubt, some people will care deeply about where it came from and how it got to where it is today.

My home town is in Nottinghamshire, England. We have a mythical, legendary, local hero that you may have heard of - Robin Hood. Now, anyone that knows anything about this fictional character will associate him with Nottingham. Try telling that to someone from South Yorkshire! "Rubbish" they'll say... Robin was from Doncaster... some of the South Yorkshire crowd get quite carried away with it.

I mean, honestly, it just isn't important is it!?!??! What matters is whether or not it is good, entertaining, pleasurable etc, etc. Happily, with the Thai foot massage, it's all good.... wherever it came from!

Although it is sold as the foot massage, you might find that the lower leg gets massaged too, and sometimes you can even end up having your shoulders massaged. My favourite massage technique uses a little oil on the feet, and a 'stick like' piece of equipment. This is used to massage the toes and other pressure points on the feet.

Thailand Foot Massage; equipment

The best foot massage equipment available, in my opinion, is your masseuse's hands, a little oil, and the 'stick like' instrument that I just mentioned above. This is all that is required.

A quick search on the web will bring back results for all sorts of electronic machinery for foot massages but I can't imagine any of them doing half as good a job as a Thai masseuse with these simple tools. Admittedly, I've not tried the electronic machinery.

The Fish Spa for your feet

I thought I should add a quick note here about the fish spa. You will see these in various out-door places - I've seen a row of them outside of 'Central Festival' (Pattaya's largest and grandest multilevel shopping centre). Basically the fish spa consists of a glass tank of water that's maybe a metre or so wide, with a few hundred small colourful fish inside it.

You just remove your shoes/clothing up to your knees and then dip your legs in the tank. The fish will then start to eat any dead or dry skin on your feet and legs. It gives a bit of a strange, tickling sort of sensation that is quite relaxing. Some say that it has therapeutic effects too but here again I fail to see how that is possible. Your skin will feel really fresh after the spa.

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