Thai Escorts
(and alternatives)

Online Thai escorts are growing in number and scope. At one time they were a relative rarity, and almost all westerners who were looking for company would find their companions in the bars and other nightlife venues, but things are changing.

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Nowadays, there are declining numbers of girls working in the bars and a growing number of girls finding their customers via online routes.

One reason for the declining number of girls entering the bar scene is the general economic development in Thailand, which has been stronger than elsewhere in the country, giving rise to alternative employment opportunities that allow would-be-bar-girls to make a sufficient income without the need for sex-work.

There are many more reasons than this though, and I wouldn’t even put alternative employment options as the main reason for declining numbers in the bars. The main reason in my opinion is the growth in online options for meeting customers. This is an easier option with fewer downsides as far as many Thai escort girls are concerned.

Many of the girls who work in the sex industry have chosen the higher paying customers that they meet through the Thai escort pages in newspapers or websites, and it’s not just for the extra money, many place a lot of value on the extra discretion that this work offers compared to bar work.

The ladies have always been fearful of being photographed working in a bar because it can easily end up being posted online where the folks back home might see it. This is definitely not something that these girls want to happen, because it would come with a massive loss of face.

Being exposed as a sex-worker, and losing face over it, is not something that Thai escort girls need to worry about because it is much easier for them to conceal their identities. They are much less likely to end up on some holiday-maker's video posting to YouTube or Facebook because they don’t place themselves on public display.

Thai gogo girlThe gogo bars a good place to find pretty girls.

You do, of course, find revealing pictures on some online platforms, but other platforms e.g. regular dating sites (which are another excellent option for meeting local girls for sex) offer a lot more discretion.

The need for privacy...

It’s not just the girls that value their privacy, there is also a growing body of western visitors in Thailand who need to be discreet. Status is very important, and especially so in the big city where most of the expat businessmen and professionals are based.

Anyone seen in the company of call girls will immediately lose all credibility in Thai eyes.

If your business or employment relies upon forging working relationships with Thai partners, customers or colleagues, then steering clear of any compromising situations is vitally important, and you can count being seen in the company of a bar-girl as a very compromising situation!

The businessman's need for discretion rules out most types of hookers, but not necessarily call-girls. Out-call services are perfectly suited to this because a call-girl will happily meet up with you at a discrete hotel of your choice.

Meeting at a hotel is a favored option for most guys since they won’t want to risk taking a girl back to their own home due to the way that gossip travels. As it turns out, this is just as true for regular Thai men who use Thai escort girls as it is for western business visitors.

Of course, if discretion is of no importance to you, then you might as well avoid the extra expense of a Thai escort girl and make use of the nightlife scene instead.

Thai escort alternatives

The foreigner focused naughty nightlife scene in Bangkok exist in three main pockets; in Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and in Patpong. These venues are all like mini Pattaya’s but, being located right in the heart of the capital city, the authorities are slowly starting to crack down on some of the illicit practices there.

Modern technology is having a big impact on the bars in Thailand... the best girls have always been reluctant to work in bars for fear of being seen by someone from their hometowns, but there are lots of girls online at:

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Even in more or less pure tourism zones like Pattaya and Phuket there is a drive by the authorities to clean up the image of these places. In some ways that translates as police raids on some suspicious bar premises, but in other ways the crackdowns are bizarre.

For example, there are random police checkpoints here and there where foreigners can be stopped and searched for drugs… with on-the-spot urine samples demanded!

These body searches and urine tests are often initiated for no reason at all, and I’m reliably informed that this is not supposed to happen. Legally there should be some sort of probable cause to justify a body search, but go tell that to the countless guys who have been searched for no other reason than their foreign nationality!

In other cases the police have raided a bar and prosecuted the owners for having an ‘unlicensed dartboard’… but there is no such thing as a dartboard license!

Soi 6 PattayaAvailable ladies on Soi 6 Pattaya.

I think you can probably see that all is not well here, and a lot of what is going on is doing nothing to help Thailand’s tourism industry – sex tourism or otherwise.

I do, however, expect that the police will get their act together in the end. And when they do I suspect that the naughty nightlife will gradually be sanitized to the detriment of all involved. As this happens, the sex scene will be driven even more out of the bars and onto the streets and online sites.

In the meantime, bar-girls are the main alternative to the Thai escort agencies, and you can read all about them here:

Thais have always felt that the 'openness' of the foreigner focused naughty nightlife hot-spots is a disgrace and, as the country develops, I think that it is only a matter of time before it all but disappears.

That might sound a little far-fetched at the current time, but it wasn't so long ago that Hong Kong was Asia's premier naughty boy destination, and look what happened there as economic development reached full maturity...

For the time being there are lots of bars with lots of hookers and, for the price-sensitive amongst us, they will ask a lower fee for their company than your average Thai escort girl will.

Don’t go expecting the bargains of previous decades though.

These days, with fewer girls working in bars, the ladies that do work there know that they are in high demand and the opportunity to maximize their incomes with multiple short-time engagements in a single night means that this is increasingly the only service that they will provide.

Massage services are another option for some short-term fun, and they are widely available in the big mango with some of the most highly regarded parlors in Thailand to choose from. If this idea appeals to you, then pay particular attention to the Thai soapy massage options... they are a LOT of fun!

Wherever in Thailand you happen to be, there’s a lot of opportunities for some adult fun via the online dating sites. A big advantage with this is that you can easily find a wide selection of online girls who are ready to meet up with you.

Casual sex is readily available but do make sure that you don’t mention sex when trying to arrange a date... even the online working-girls will be discouraged by anyone who dives straight in.

You need to be casual and skirt around the topic indirectly by saying that you are looking for a holiday friend, and that you will take care of her if she takes care of you, etc...

For full advice about getting the most out of the online dating scene, have a look at my detailed guide:

The Thailand Girlfriend Experience

In Pattaya and most of the low-cost destinations around Thailand you can easily find the girlfriend experience with local hookers. In Bangkok, and to some degree Phuket, it is not as readily available.

Whilst the Bangkok girlfriend experience is all but extinct in the city’s tourist area bar scene these days, it lingers on in the less touristic parts of town. Lots of Thai ladies who refuse to go near the tourist bars are still eager to find a wealthy western benefactor.

Some attractive Thai girlsThai girls make interesting girlfriends.

Most of the time these ladies are the genuine article and are actually looking for a serious relationship, but in plenty of other cases it is more or less all about the money. The problem is that it can be confusing to know which is which, but that’s also a part of the fun.

If you are just looking to spend some alone time with a Bangkok beauty, doing what grown-ups do, then there are plenty of ladies who will take you up on an offer if you have the nerve to present them with an offer in the first place.

This is the preferred option for a lot of expats in Thailand, and I have put together a good selection of their stories which you can read via this link:

Office girls in Bangkok are a firm favorite of mine, and whilst some of them are not on the market, many of them are. Office girls are almost always university educated, but they do not earn massive amounts of money early on in their careers. They do, however, tend to be indebted to their parents and eager to start repaying them.

That’s where we westerners come in…

It’s all a bit of a cat and mouse game, and I’m not sure whether it is us or them who is the cat, but if you play it well then you’ll get some quality Bangkok girlfriend experiences. You won’t be expected to pay by the hour, but you should show your generosity and splash some cash around.

Why bother with the bar girls and hardcore hookers when you can meet someone much better online? If you prefer a more slow paced and intimate way of meeting ladies for sex and romance, you might be interested in checking out:

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If you are unsure about the basis of your relationship i.e. commercial or real, then you might well be the mouse! In any case, if you are not looking for anything serious then you have little to fear, but if a lady starts genuinely falling for your charms then do the right thing and don’t lead her on.

And NEVER go to meet her parents.

Meeting the Thai parents in these situations is a statement to the effect that you and your girl are a serious item, and any relationship breakdown after that point will cause serious loss of face for your girl. So keep things casual, play the game whilst being generous with cash assistance, and don’t make any empty promises.

If you do that then you’ll be behaving like a Thai gentleman, and all respect to you.

Thai Escort Services

Some of the less well established Thai escort agencies have been known to use bar-girls to make up the number of ladies on their books. If you are looking for a social escort in Bangkok who is suitable company for a dinner party then do yourself a big favor and forget it!

These ladies are not even remotely akin to the high class escorts in the western world, and they are certainly not suitable to pass as refined, elegant ladies at a dinner party. Any Thai would immediately see through them and know exactly what sort of girl is accompanying you.

Even the best Thai escort services are unlikely to have these sorts of high class call-girls, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that they will be suitable to actually ‘escort’ you anywhere in a social gathering of friends or acquaintances.

I expect that standard Thai escort services (not social escort services) are likely to become increasingly popular in the future. As explained, the extra discretion offered is certainly a much better fit with the Thai way of doing things, and that's getting more and more important as time passes.

The Thais themselves do things in a very discreet way, and I doubt that they would be offended by a discreet escort service in any way comparable to their distaste for the tourist focused naughty nightlife scene.

Soi Cowboy, BangkokSoi Cowboy in Bangkok.

One reason that might explain some of the extra costs that apply to escort girls probably has something to do with the extra services that are often requested. Note that the prices quoted in the table below are the standard prices for regular sex with a single customer.

If you are a looking for someone to help spice up your marriage, entertainment for couples is more expensive. If you want to explore some sort of fetish desire then that too will cost more. I think that in these cases people are usually a bit reluctant to ask bar-girls for this sort of thing and so the convenience of ordering from a Thai escort agency comes into play.

Thai Escort Girl Prices

The prices charged by Thai escorts are shown in the table below, and I must admit to having been surprised to find that those prices are fairly stable in all parts of Thailand.

Prices in Thai Baht:

(Bangkok escort costs based off

I should point out that there are some differences between escort agencies, but taken together and averaged out there really isn’t much difference at all. It is surprising because there are some real differences in local markets in terms of supply and demand.

For some reason, differences in supply and demand are not impacting on prices

Thai escort prices are high, way higher than any of the other hooker options that you’ll find. As a rule of thumb, escorts charge something like three times the price that a  bar-girl would charge for sex.


There is actually a significant difference in Bangkok compared to other parts of the country when it comes to the call-girl industry. Here are a few details that explain why:

Bangkok escorts

Bangkok Nana Plaza

Without any doubt at all I can tell you that it is in the capital city that you’ll find the best options to meet Thai escort girls. You’ll even find plenty of options to meet Russian escort girls.

Bangkok has by far the biggest supply of girls because there is by far the greatest demand for them here. Remember that the typical customer is a guy who needs some discretion, and that this guy is probably a local Thai guy or a foreigner who is on a business or professional visit.

Another plus point about Bangkok is that prices can actually be significantly lower!

They are lower even whilst the prices that bar-girls ask is way higher than in other areas of the country.

This is not universally true, and you’ll need to make use of one particular online service if you want the low prices. It’s called Smooci, and it has plenty of options in Bangkok:

Pattaya escorts

Pattaya escort

You may initially be a little surprised to learn that Pattaya escorts, i.e. agency call-out girls, are relatively few in number.

This is easily explained by the nature of the P4P industry in Pattaya, which basically consists of a lot of sex-tourists who care nothing for their local reputation amongst the Thai gentry and just want to get drunk and party with bar-girls.

The escort industry that does operate here is largely focused either on inexperienced visitors to Pattaya who don’t know that everything is readily available from the bars and clubs, or on couples and fetish fantasies that still warrant a little discretion.

For more information on the joy that is Pattaya, see:

Phuket Escorts

Phuket Bangla Road girls

The escort services that operate on the island of Phuket fit somewhere between Bangkok and Pattaya in their nature. There is a more developed industry here than in Pattaya, but nothing like the big city – and prices are high.

Phuket is, of course, driven by the tourism industry, so there is little demand for call-girls coming in from Thais and professionals, but it is still popular with horny guys who tend to be a little wealthier and less price sensitive than the guys in other areas.

Whilst I can’t confirm this, my suspicion is that there is a significant demand for escorts from wealthy visitors and expats who are not entirely single… I’m guessing that there is a market for discretion from guys seeking a lady who will not be stumbled upon during a night out with his significant other!

For details about the pleasures of Phuket, see:

Everywhere Else

I think that all the other areas of Thailand that are popular with tourists could be described in more or less the same way, and without much to distinguish one place from another.

You’ll probably find that there is little to no dedicated Thai escort agency serving other areas, and that you are somewhat restricted to minimal service provided by the big national and international agencies.

Local classified ads might also be more prevalent.

For generalized information about the overall P4P opportunities in other areas of Thailand, these reports will be helpful:

Prices will likely be much more volatile due to the much smaller supply of girls, and a much smaller market to inform those girls of what prices local customers are prepared to pay.

Given the relatively volatile Thai escort prices in these relatively remote areas, and less feedback/information coming in from smaller markets, there is at least the prospect of being able to negotiate successfully to get listed prices down a bit.

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