Recommended Thai Dating Sites

Modern Thai dating sites do offer you a serious option for meeting lots of girls, and by that I mean girls of all sorts! Whether you are intending to meet someone special for a long-term relationship, or if you just want to meet up with lots of ladies on a casual short-term fun sort of basis, you can have lots of success here.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing between each of the Thai dating sites that are out there, and I've given a summary of my general thoughts below.

Also keep in mind that no matter which site you go for, you will be pleasantly surprised by the response rate that you'll get. Compared to western sites, you'll most likely be inundated!

All good Thai dating sites should offer their members:

  • The ability to sign up for free and gain access to basic facilities
  • A cheap upgrade cost that allows full access to industry leading facilities
  • A high ratio of registered girls compared to men
  • A huge database of online members
  • A track record of success and reliability

With these factors in mind, I have two recommended Thai dating sites for you to consider. I should confess here that I do receive an affiliate commission from these sites for any sales that originate with me, but it doesn’t affect my recommendations because both neither of them offer any better affiliate rewards than any of the other options that I could promote.

The question still falls to me to find which ones offer the best user experience, and I'm pretty much of the same opinion that everyone else has - you'll be best served by the well known, well established, sites that have been around for years.

Happy hunting...


ThaiFriendly is the dating site of choice for many guys in Thailand who are looking for a brief acquaintance rather than a lasting romance.

It is the perfect option if you just want to arrange some casual sex based relationships, and there’s even a limited messaging service available that allows members on a free subscription to contact the girls without upgrading to a paid membership.

Another big bonus in this site’s favor is the simple way in which it separates ladyboys from girls. It is the only big site that offers this facility and, when you think about it, it is quite an important advantage...

Whether you wish to meet up with a ladyboy, or avoid them completely, it makes a lot of sense to have a separate section for ladyboys. ThaiFriendly does that, and it gets a big nod of approval from most users for doing so.

ThaiFriendly seems to attract a lot of ladies who are looking for a wealthy benefactor, but you need have no concern about that if you are determined to only enjoy casual relationships!

Be warned though... you'd better be 100% committed to the idea of staying single because if you are not, and you fall into the clutches of a Thai gold-digger, you'll be in for one hell of a ride :)

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ThaiLoveLines was once my only Thai dating site recommendation, and it still has a lot of selling points.

For one thing, I suspect that it is a little less targeted by the online gold-diggers who plague the biggest sites, and this makes it the obvious choice for anyone seeking a serious, lasting relationship.

Gold-diggers ply their trade by building up as large a pool of benefactors as possible, and most of them restrict their time and efforts to the larger sites since that is where the most westerners are to be found.

The smaller size of ThaiLoveLines therefore gives it the advantage of being relatively safer to use.

On this site you'll tend to find that there is a larger body of more mature Thai ladies i.e. aged 28+, many of whom are quite traditional in their customs. This should appeal to those guys who want a complete break from western culture, but you should be aware that getting to grips with Thai culture is not an easy task at the best of times...

There are plenty of ladies in the younger age bracket too, it's not all about mature women, and you'll find plenty of options in most locations in Thailand - both rural and urban. As with my advice on other pages, I'd recommend university educated girls in Bangkok, because the culture gap with these ladies is a little easier to bridge.

ThaiLoveLines is a slightly cheaper option if you want a fully paid membership, but you are less likely to have success with a free membership since you will probably need to put some extra time and effort into finding the perfect girl.

In a nutshell, if you want to meet a mature (age 28+), traditional lady, whilst avoiding as many potential gold-diggers as possible, then ThaiLoveLines is well worth a look, and personally I regard it as the best option if you want a serious relationship with a decent, honest lady.

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Bonus Tips about Thai Dating Sites

There are some other good Thai dating sites that didn’t make my list, but I have less experience with them and can’t really comment on them.

Whatever you do I strongly urge you to avoid, at all costs, any site that charges its users by the minute or by the message. These are very dodgy sites and you could easily find yourself communicating with someone who is paid to keep you on-site for as long as possible, causing you to rack up a very expensive bill!

All reputable online Thai dating sites charge a cheap fixed rate fee for access to the full range of their services, which allows you to use them as much or as little as you like during the period of your subscription, without any extra charges.