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By John from Scotland

Every member of the Pattaya Tourism club gets faced with the same question, from time to time, from his various friends and family members i.e. ‘what is it about Pattaya/Thailand that you like so much? It’s a loaded question of course; everyone that asks it has got the answer quite firmly and immovably positioned in their heads already, they think that it is all about the girls! I know, I know…. it’s an absolutely appalling and outrageous insinuation isn’t it!?!!?!

One inquisitor in particular stands out in my memory; a plump, frumpy, middle-aged, condescending, carcass of a woman pointedly asked me “and WHY do YOU keep going back to THAILAND?” My reply; “there are lots of reasons…. and most of them are 20 years YOUNGER and 20kg LIGHTER than YOU!”

Ok, there’s no doubt that the girls are one of the main tourist attractions in Pattaya for lots of people and why shouldn’t they be, they’re lovely, but this post is here to answer the question a little more fully. Your answer to it might vary with mine but I think that, broadly speaking, there is similar set of Pattaya tourism attractions that bring most repeat visitors back time after time.

Tourism Attractions in Pattaya

Pattaya Girls – I don’t think I need to say much here to convince anyone of the allure of Pattaya girls; compared to Western women (or Western women available to a typical middle-aged Western man) there’s no contest. The girls are beautiful, slim, attentive, and they take good care of you. If you’re looking for some short term fun, they’re difficult to beat.

Weather and Climate – Perhaps not everyone’s taste, due to the heat and humidity, but personally I love it. Trust me when I tell you that, compared to the weather in Scotland, heat and humidity is just fine.

Food – Internationally recognised as being delicious and it’s cheap too. If you don’t like spicy food there’s a full international cuisine to choose from in Pattaya and the average restaurant delivers good quality. Compared to the UK (where average quality means total garbage) you can’t fail to be impressed.

Culture – I’m not talking about the architecture, although there are some impressive temples dotted around if that’s your thing, I mean the people and their ways. If you like to kick back and watch how things get done in Thailand you’ll end up with a smile on your face. Watching workmen is my favourite…. I’d pay good money to see the faces on the UK Health & Safety crowd if they saw the standard practises in Thailand.

Cost of Living – Dirt cheap! I’ve calculated that the minimum amount needed to pay for all my essentials is something like 15,000 baht per month. Everything after that is money for entertainment in Pattaya.

Less state Interference – I can’t stand the nanny state that you get in the West. I’m sick and tired of rules and regulations telling me what I can and cannot do.

Beaches and scenery – Mountains in the North and beaches in the south. You get some superb scenery in Scotland but, to be honest with you, you’re not going to enjoy it much if you’re looking at it wearing some shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of sandals.

That about covers it, feel free to use this list the next time you get hit with the question. Oh and by the way, no matter how you present this list of attractions to your interrogators, they will all still assume that you’re only in it for the girls!

Editorial Note

I must admit that I’ve also been asked that question many times before, and I’ve also noted an undertone of suspicion from the people asking.... small minded people! I agree that there are all sorts of things that draw people to Pattaya/Thailand these days, and I think that this is one trend that is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

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