Pattaya Bar Dangers!

Pattaya Bar Wildlife Dangers overview; they might look harmless enough, they might look cute, they might be exotic and worthy of a few pictures of you and them together, but don’t forget that the monkeys, cats, dogs and so on that you will see around the bars are potentially lethal creatures! Thailand is a country that has the rabies virus.A quick internet search on the effects of rabies is enough to make sure that I don’t go anywhere near these critters…. not anymore at least….. not since hearing what happened to a friend of mine!

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Pattaya Bar; romantic intentions gone sour

I got talking to a friend the other day about a tale of woe he’d been through recently. The poor bloke had been out in the bars of Pattaya watching his football team play. If you've seen any of the Premiership football in Thailand you’ll know that the late kick-off time gets underway in the early hours. I have to say that this isn’t really conducive to a bloke’s hopes of retaining some sort of sobriety… you’re looking at finishing your beer drinking session at close to 04:00 in the morning! Okay, you could argue that if you go out later then staying out later shouldn’t really make any difference. Fair enough, but who can stay in and resist a Pattaya bar when it is calling out your name to come and party?

My mate was on a promise; one of his regular lady friends had sent him an SMS message and was offering her company for free for the night. Being a bit of a miser when it comes to money, he came up with the brilliant idea of not replying to her SMS message… instead he’d stay out alone until the football was done (thereby avoiding the expense of having to buy drinks for his companion). After the football he’d wander off to her bar and off they’d go into the night as happy as pigs in muck!

Good plan…, only fate had a different plan in mind! He carries out his plan and gets to his girl’s bar late into the night. Oh dear, his girl is nowhere to be seen. One of the older girls tells him that she has gone home feeling unwell. Now, as anyone can tell you, what that really meant is that she had gone off with another man! Serves him right, the miser should have settled up sooner!

Around this time he spots a cute furry feline and gives it his come on smile!!?!? Apparently, if you half close your eyes when looking at a cat and then turn your head away, this is regarded as a big sign of approval in the cat world! Up it jumps onto a nearby bar stool and my friend starts to stroke it. No problem…, he then stops, takes a drink, returns to stroke it and gets two fangs sinking into his hand! In return for this gesture from the cat, my friend kindly showed the cat how easy it is for cats to perform flying backward somersaults from one side of a road to another!

Pattaya Bar; post exposure Rabies treatment

The chance that any given cat near a Pattaya bar is infected with Rabies is remote, but it really is not a chance that you want to take. The consequences can be fatal. If you are infected with Rabies, it can lie dormant in your system for anything from 4 days to a number of years (a massive 19 years is the longest recorded period from being infected to symptoms showing). The average period of time, from being infected to showing symptoms, is something like 30-50 days.

Once the symptoms start to show, nothing can save you, death is certain. Actually, there has been one recorded case where a young girl survived Rabies… she was in a coma for 2 years though… and it is not known how she survived!

With this in mind, my friend wasn’t about to spend the next 19 years wondering if he was going to die a horrible death, so off he went to the hospital. All in all, his treatment cost him 15,000 baht! All this could have been avoided if the miser had picked up his free lady friend sooner and accepted the cost of a few lady drinks and a barfine!!

15,000 baht was not the end. There are a total of 5 post exposure Rabies injections to be had over a period of 28 days. After the third injection the poor bloke had an allergic reaction. He got covered in spots and his nose, ears and lips all blew up.

Apparently this is an extremely rare reaction but, like I said, fate seems to have decided to teach him a lesson. By the time he got his final injection, he’d spent 22,000 baht in total. Even now he will need to get top-up injections every two years or so!

The moral of the story – get your vaccinations before travelling to Thailand, pay for your medical insurance (usually as cheap as 1,500 baht for 90 days) always snap up an offer of free lady companionship as soon as it is offered, and steer clear of Pattaya bar critters!!

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