A Beautiful Thai Girl or Not

By Anonymous

Beautiful Thai girl Story: First of all, let me make it clear that I like your website and that I have found it to be full of useful and interesting guidance. Having started with that, I guess you know that there’s a ‘but’ coming. Here it is…. I can’t agree with your assertion that bar-girls in Thailand are working out of necessity!

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I refer you to the statement on your ‘Pattaya Girls’ page that reads:

“It is not that Pattaya girls are morally corrupt (although a life of bar work will take its toll), it is necessity that is driving their actions”.

I couldn’t let this one go without a retort; I’m going to have to challenge it on behalf of the silent majority of ladies, in Thailand and elsewhere, that face poverty the like of which is difficult for a Westerner to comprehend, and yet do not resort to prostitution.

The question/argument rests on the readers’ instincts as to what exactly is the point at which it becomes acceptable for a beautiful Thai girl to throw away all that her society deems moral and decent and resort to prostitution, lies, deceit, adultery, theft and every other low down trait that characterizes the typical behaviour of Pattaya working-girls. For a Westerner, I think that point comes much too soon, and much sooner than it would for a typical Thai person observing their own countrymen. Your average Westerner is far too lenient and sympathetic towards your average bar-girl in terms of writing off her despicable ways as being beyond her control and something that ‘necessity’ demanded.

Consider for a moment that Thailand is, in fact, one of the richest countries in its region. As far as I’m aware, the only other major country that is richer is Malaysia (not counting Singapore, Taiwan and other small city states). Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, the Philippines, Indonesia are all a lot poorer than Thailand and, whilst they aren’t exactly prostitution free, none of them have the wholesale racket going on that you find in Thailand.

Economic Hardship?

Times are not as hard as they once were in Thailand although, admittedly, economic growth has not exactly been equally distributed. Poverty is still a real problem in some parts. On the whole though, it is hard to conclude that the scale of prostitution in Thailand is due to economic hardship there compared to other countries in the region.

Neither is it because the girls are being forced into it. At one time in Pattaya, all the girly bars had a mamasan working in them. As soon as a customer walked in the place, a beautiful Thai girl would be instructed to go and sit with him (sometimes two girls, one either side). Back then the girls did as they were told to do or there would be trouble. Nowadays the girls have more power. If they don’t like a given bar they can easily find work at another bar. Because of the power shift, the girls have all the personal freedom in the world to come and go as they choose, and they choose to remain on the game far beyond any point at which they are financially dependent on it (assuming they ever were in the first place).

Beautiful Thai Girl or Not; editorial response

Thanks for your submission; I respect your line of thinking and I agree with many of the points that you make. In my defence I would like to point out that the quotation you give above is immediately followed by the sentence below:

“This is especially true if she has poor parents, and a baby of her own that needs taking care of, in her home town”.

I think it’s certainly possible that I might have been a little more accurate if I had written that sentence starting “This is only true if she has poor parents…….”.  There's many a beautiful Thai girl working the nightlife scene who is not there out of need but rather greed (and laziness).

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That said, I’ll stick with the original draft as I believe that the general sentiment of my writing is about right. Thai girls don’t grow up dreaming of making an easy living on their backs; it is usually (but not always) the case that one set of unfortunate circumstances or another has led them into such a line of work.

Those circumstances might sometimes stem from other things than poverty e.g. an abusive upbringing, drug addiction and such like.

In some regards it’s a moot point because, whatever it was that led to her choice of occupation, the guidance for Westerners is the same…. don’t get emotionally attached to a working-girl!

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